Peter-John Vettese | Hello Everyone!
Peter-John Vettese has worked closely with numerous leading figures in the music industry for over three decades. Vettese was born into a renowned musical household and is a Grammy award-winning composer, song writer, producer and arranger
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Hello Everyone!

Hello everyone!

Welcome to my new website! Over the coming weeks and months, I will be adding to the music, photographs and accompanying text. Here, to begin with, are some of my favourite productions, songs, arrangements and projects that represent parts of my musical and professional life – past and present.

Please also check out ‘The Majesty of Light‘. MOL is a project that artist/singer Zoe Pollock and myself have collaborated on and recently completed. I am very proud of this work and it has been a long held ambition of mine to present this music inspired, as it is, by that glorious moment in time when Miles Davis met Gil Evans. Zoe and I would love you to share these tracks with your friends.

Most of all, I hope that you enjoy the music that is contained herein and that I continue to make.


All the very best,


Peter x