Peter-John Vettese | Edie Anna Leddra Chapman and PJV
Peter-John Vettese has worked closely with numerous leading figures in the music industry for over three decades. Vettese was born into a renowned musical household and is a Grammy award-winning composer, song writer, producer and arranger
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Anna Leddra Chapman and PJV.


It was a few days before Christmas and I was expecting Anna at the studio. As usual, I had a doodle going (the piano figure in the intro) and didn’t expect what happened next. Anna had been reading about Edie Sedgwick (at one time Andy Worhol’s muse) and was captivated by Edie’s tragic downward spiral following her estrangement from Warhol’s inner circle. The link is the little video I made on the day we wrote the song and is in fact the demo with the guide vocal!!