Peter-John Vettese | Step By Step Whitney Houston
Peter-John Vettese has worked closely with numerous leading figures in the music industry for over three decades. Vettese was born into a renowned musical household and is a Grammy award-winning composer, song writer, producer and arranger
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Step By Step.

Whitney Houston.


Very few people are aware of this but Annie Lennox wrote ‘Step by step’. I worked on ‘Step by step’ with Annie and it was meant to be one of the tracks for her ‘Diva’ album. For some reason, we never seemed to really get the track to ‘go’ anywhere and it was shelved. Five years later there was a skirmish to try to make the track more suitable for inclusion in the film ‘The Preacher’s wife’ and for Whitney Houston to sing. Try though they might, nothing supplanted the original five year old work in progress and, with some titivation, ‘Step by Step’ was released and became a hit and Whitney definitely gave Annie a run for her money!